Phoebe Bridgers Calls David Crosby a Bitch (Again)

It's anti-union vs. pro-union in a battle between the music industry's angriest tweeters

BY Allie GregoryPublished May 27, 2022

Remember when everyone was freaking out about Phoebe Bridgers smashing her guitar on Saturday Night Live and David Crosby called her "pathetic," kicking off some of the internet's most delectable beef? Bridgers remembers; at the time she called Crosby a "little bitch" for his overblown reaction to the controversy, and now the indie-darling is back to double down on dubbing the 80-year-old a "bitch" in a new internet fight.

On Sunday (May 22), Crosby offered up a helping of his infamous hot takes on Twitter, responding to a pro-union tweet from Joe Biden, stating that unions are "useless and totally dishonest." Bridgers, who generally demonstrates progressive politics, countered yesterday (May 26) with her now-famous one-word retort, "bitch."

Crosby has yet to respond to the callout, despite clearly not logging out and spending the better part of yesterday and today tweeting about gun control in the wake of the mass shooting in Uvalde, TX.

While he certainly has more important things on his mind, we await Crosby's clap back. For now, enjoy music's intergenerational shit-talking session in the tweet exchange below.

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