Watch Michael Cera Walk Out on Awkward Bobbi Althoff Interview

Two of cringe comedy's finest go head-to-head

BY Ben OkazawaPublished Jan 26, 2024

Whoever decided to get Michael Cera and Bobbi Althoff in a room together is an evil genius and should probably be locked away, lest they somehow find a way to throw Nathan Fielder in the mix — which might've been the only way for Cera and Althoff's interview to be any more awkward than it already was. 

The Brampton-born actor joined Althoff's The Really Good Podcast yesterday for what basically became an eight-minute skincare ad/argument and, much like a trainwreck, we couldn't look away. 

Althoff, who owes her meteoric rise as a podcaster to her unique, deadpan interview style, got in Cera's grill from the get-go. Eventually, they got on the topic of Cera's recent partnership with skincare brand CeraVe — but, that's where Althoff crossed the line according to him.

After deflecting some questions and spouting off a few fun facts about the product (presumably in order to hit his quota), Cera suddenly decided that he'd had enough. 

"I appreciate your interview style, but I think I want to stay away from kind of personal stuff," he said. 

Althoff pressed on: "How is that personal? You're the one who's made it your whole identity."

"Listen, I decided what's personal to me. I set those boundaries," he responded. 

After another minute or so of the same back-and-forth, Cera stood up and excused himself, before telling an off-camera producer, "I just have some things I kind of want to rub on my arms." 

And, on that fittingly uncomfortable note, the video came to a close. Although it was almost certainly a bit, Althoff has yet to confirm whether or not she conducted or will release a full interview with Cera. 

Watch the complete CeraVe ad below, at your own risk. 


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