Paul Jacobs Announces New Album 'Pink Dogs on the Green Grass'

Listen to lead single "Half Rich Loner" now
Paul Jacobs Announces New Album 'Pink Dogs on the Green Grass'
Prolific Montreal singer-songwriter Paul Jacobs has kept his solo output to a minimum in recent years, focusing instead on his duties as the drummer of Pottery, but that's all set to change with the release of a new album. Pink Dogs on the Green Grass is due April 30 via Blow the Fuse.

Pink Dogs is set to elevate Jacobs' signature, home-recorded psych sound by adding cleaner production, folk influences and acoustic drums to the mix. The album was mastered by Oliver Ackermann of A Place to Bury Strangers.

The enhanced palette can be heard on lead single "Half Rich Loner," which puts the drums to the front on top of bluesy, rattling grooves and Lou Reed-esque vocals. Jacobs has also treated "Half Rich Loner" to a new video, featuring surreal, line-heavy animations that deconstruct the world of art galleries.

Watch the video for "Half Rich Loner" below.

Jacobs recently contributed a track to the Sounds from Mothland Volume I compilation.

To learn more about the artist, check out Exclaim!'s 2019 interview with Paul Jacobs.

Pink Dogs on the Green Grass:

1. Christopher Robbins
2. Day to Day
3. Half Rich Loner
4. Most Delicious Drink
5. Cherry
6. Everything's Fine
7. Underneath the Roses
8. Dancing with the Devil
9. Glory Days, Yesterday
10. Kathy's Bible
11. Your Last Words
12. The Boys Are Back
13. Hello Sunshine

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