Oneohtrix Point Never Taps the Weeknd for "No Nightmares"

Listen to four tracks from 'Magic Oneohtrix Point Never' now
Oneohtrix Point Never Taps the Weeknd for 'No Nightmares'
Daniel Lopatin's latest Oneohtrix Point Never track is a match made in Safdie heaven, as the producer joins forces with Uncut Gems star the Weeknd on the new track "No Nightmares."

The song is yet another fantastic addition to the Weeknd's discography, as he sounds right at home on top of OPN's retro-futurist production. The song arrives as part of "Magic Suite II," the latest drop of tracks from the new OPN album Magic Oneohtrix Point Never

Listen to "No Nightmares" below, where you'll also find an another three new compositions. 

Magic Oneohtrix Point Never arrives on October 30 via Warp Records.