Ogre You Asshole Ready 'Workshop' Live Album

Ogre You Asshole Ready 'Workshop' Live Album
Forward-thinking Japanese pop outfit Ogre You Asshole released their self-titled debut in 2005. To celebrate their decade as a band, they've announced plans for a live album and some special anniversary shows.

Of course, you'll have to book a flight to Japan if you want to catch the anniversary shows, which take place on July 5 in Osaka and July 12 in Tokyo. But the rest of us can get a taste of OYA's live sound when they deliver Workshop on June 17 via P-Vine.

The album includes live recordings from the band's performances, along with new versions of songs recorded in the studio.

Workshop was recorded with sound engineer Sachio Sasaki (Boom Boom Satellites, Yura Yura Teikoku) and sound effects specialist Soichiro Nakamura (Guitar Wolf, Boris).

While the album art and tracklisting has yet to be revealed, you can get a taste of Workshop via some live footage below.