Ogre You Asshole

"Lost, Sigh, Days" (video)

BY Brock ThiessenPublished Nov 11, 2016

Following the release of everythingsomethingnothing earlier this week, Japanese pop-rock twisters Ogre You Asshole have backed it up with some slick and engrossing new visuals.

Celebrating the new album's release, OYA have shared a video for the album's "Lost, Sigh, Days." And while the track in the video is a chunk shorter than the album version, it does present some beautiful images, with the band covered in an unnatural amount of fog while they play in a thickly wooded forest.

Along with all the foggy shots, we get burst of fire red, neon-lit car scenes and a few aerial shots of a vast forest region. Watch it for yourself below or over here.

As previously reported, everythingsomethingnothing is out now via P-Vine, with the digital version out now worldwide on iTunes.

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