Ogre You Asshole

"Someone's Dream" (Moodman remix)

BY Alex HudsonPublished Jul 3, 2015

Japanese pop voyagers Ogre You Asshole's song "Someone's Dream" initially appeared on last year's Papercraft LP, but it got an electro-funk makeover on the new live album Workshop (under the name "Someone's Dream (Coda)"). Now, it's been reworked once again, this time as a remix by Japanese DJ Moodman.

While the original version of "Someone's Dream" was an echoing seven-minute epic, this remix uses syncopated beats, distant vocal samples and percussive synth plinks to set the dreamy mood, with the whole thing playing out in a concise two and a half minutes.

This remix is being released as the B-side of a new 7-inch release of "Someone's Dream (Coda)." It was issued yesterday (July 2) as a self-release in conjunction with Offie Rope.

Workshop is out now on P-Vine. The band have also kicked off a series of anniversary shows in Japan. You can get all the info here

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