Mushy Gushy Megaphono, Ottawa ON, February 10

Mushy Gushy Megaphono, Ottawa ON, February 10
Photo: Kamara Morozuk
In addition to proudly branding their sound as "butt rock" online, Ottawa four-piece Mushy Gushy aim to have listeners "think 'Boys of Summer' by Don Henley, but noisier" with their driving garage-indebted songs. As the Record Centre crowd found out Saturday afternoon, the Eagles drummer's solo staple is tame in comparison, with the band's "Summer Lusting" revolving around the lyrical proclamation that "everybody wants to fuck in the summertime."
While the group were short on room to move at the front of the store, there was no shortage of energy, bringing the crowd that much closer to those warmer months. With drummer Kyle Woods pounding away at his kit, vocalist/guitarist Dave Gervais would exchange the occasional glance with bassist Jon Pearce, longing to swing the necks of their stringed instruments about in more reckless fashion.
Guitarist Cory Lefebvre seemed liable to rip his six-string to pieces in a handful of moments, strumming wildly at his headstock before manipulating his chaotic tone with a Space Echo pedal. It wasn't hard to imagine the greater butt rock havoc to be wreaked with more space to get loose and a little less snow outside.  

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