Mr. Oizo "End of the World" (ft. Skrillex)

Mr. Oizo 'End of the World' (ft. Skrillex)
"It's going to be insane to watch the end of the world" — this is a truism piped into French club-thumper Mr. Oizo's latest single, a collabo with Skrillex most-fittingly titled "End of the World." On the off-chance that the apocalypse occurs before Oizo's All Wet album hits stores, you can at least sample this doomsday-awaiting track online now.

Despite the grim outlook of the vocal hook, delivered via a childlike MacBook voice, the musical backdrop is pretty darn cheery. It strings together various sunny house synths, a sweaty and soulful drum break, and much electronic whimsy.

You could argue that the overtly optimistic nature of "End of the World" may be due to the oncoming hellfire that awaits us all, or you can just enjoy the track via the player down below. May as well make the best of things while you can.

Mr. Oizo's All Wet is due September 30 via Ed Banger/Because. It features previously teased Charli XCX team-up "Hand in the Fire," as well as tracks featuring Peaches and Boys Noize.