Mr. Oizo "Hand in the Fire" (ft. Charli XCX) (video)

Mr. Oizo 'Hand in the Fire' (ft. Charli XCX) (video)
Mr. Oizo brought pop star Charli XCX on-board for the title track to his recent Hand in the Fire EP, but he's got a different familiar face steering the electronic pop tune's new music video. The producer's felt-covered chum Flat Eric has hit the highway for a hair-whipping travelogue, which is streaming now.

Backed by a score of big digi-beats, synthetic blips and the booming vocals of XCX, the video finds Flat Eric speeding down the highway in a classic drop top. He's soon tailed by a singing doppelganger in a whip of their own, with the video soon becoming an endless, paradoxical chase scene.

You may well flip your wig when you see the results of the race. The video can be found below.