Morgan Wallen Is the Latest Artist to Be Hit by a Phone While Performing

The concert projectiles trend remains deeply unfunny

Photo: Matt Paskert

BY Calum SlingerlandPublished Jul 3, 2024

Once more, with feeling: please stop throwing shit at performers, even if they're Morgan Wallen. The country star is now the latest artist to have been hit by a cellphone during a live performance. 

Footage has emerged of Wallen being struck with an errant mobile device while onstage at Denver's Mile High Stadium last week (June 28).

In the fan-shot clip below, a hand can be seen rising up out of the audience at the stage front, and lobbing a smartphone at the artist. Wallen avoided a Bebe Rexha-level injury, simply tossing the device off the stage after it hit him in the arm.

Call it karma for allegedly launching that chair from a rooftop bar earlier this year, or for throwing around racial slurs, but concert projectiles are deeply unfunny, actually, and we're getting a little tired of writing these stories up. Though he's now fully plugged in, Jack White might have been on to something with those mandatory cell phone pouches.

In August, Wallen will appear in court for his aforementioned alleged chair-throwing. Earlier this year, he appeared on a new country single from Post Malone.

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