Man Arrested for Chucking Phone at Bebe Rexha's Face During Concert

Rexha was taken to the hospital, where she required three stitches

BY Kaelen BellPublished Jun 19, 2023

It seems Bebe Rexha's current tour has been getting a little wild — just last week at her stop in Toronto, someone charfed all over the floor in the middle of the crowd — but this past weekend, the shenanigans took a turn toward the dangerous and seriously uncool when an audience member whipped a cellphone at Rexha's face during her performance at Pier 17 in New York City on Sunday night.

In a video circulating Twitter last night and this morning, Rexha can be seen walking toward the crowd when a phone flies out of the audience and strikes her in the face. Rexha then turns around and collapses before her team rush out to pull her backstage. 

As reported by ABC Newsa 27-year-old named Nicolas Malvagna was taken into custody and charged with assault for allegedly being the one who threw the phone.

The show obviously ended early, and Rexha was taken to the hospital, where she reportedly received three stitches. This morning (June 19), Rexha posted an Instagram photo of her injury with a thumbs up, with the caption, "I'm good." She's set to perform in Philadelphia tomorrow night.

Teddy bears, bras and flowers are one thing (and even those are sometimes pushing it), but it should go without saying that throwing hard, sharp objects at performers is incredibly stupid and dangerous. Keep that shit to yourself, and let people do their jobs safely!

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