Major Love Live, Laugh, Love with New Single "Making the Most of It"

Their second song of the year following "Living the Dream"

BY Nika Petrosian Published Nov 16, 2023

Edmonton-based collective Major Love, led and fronted by Alberta artist Colleen Brown, have released "Making the Most of It," their second single of the year following "Live the Dream." The tracks arrive ahead of the band's previously teased sophomore album, Live, Laugh, Major Love.

According to a press release, "Making the Most of It" found its genesis during the lockdown days of the pandemic, where the restlessness and mundanity prompted Brown to reflect on "the pressure to become a 'productivity drone' in place of a social life on the outside."

The song's accompanying music video drew inspiration from The Lawrence Welk Show of the 1950s, complete with a flashy title card and each band member standing on raised platforms.

The band worked with the Varscona Theatre in Edmonton to transform the stage into the '50s-inspired talk show set, but on the day of the shoot, the rest of the band was stuck in Ontario due to a heavy snowstorm.

"It was basically my recurring nightmare come to life," shares Brown in a press statement.

Deciding to move forward with the shoot anyway, Brown was left scrambling to find three other costumes to dress as the rest of the band.

"But as this was all playing out, we just had to laugh because we were making the most of it, as the song says," shares Brown.

Watch the video for "Making the Most of It" below.

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