Colleen Brown "Soap and Denim" (video)

Colleen Brown 'Soap and Denim' (video)
Hailing from Edmonton, Canadian singer-songwriter Colleen Brown is set to unveil a brand new video for her latest single "Soap and Denim" — and Exclaim! has got your first look at it.
The track comes from Brown's recently released record Direction, which was recorded in Dartmouth, NS, and produced by Joel Plaskett, Raymond Richards and Brown herself. Plaskett even guests on guitar and drums for the song.
As for the video, the concept came out of a joke between Brown and director Mike Robertson that eventually morphed into a ridiculous reality. Aiming to subvert "the usual rock band music video tropes," the clip for "Soap and Denim" is certainly an original one. We get a behind-the-scenes look at Brown and her band of muppet-y friends — from promoting the show, rehearsing, cramming their gear into the tour van, and then finally taking the stage to prove that puppets know how to rock too. 

"It features a bunch of puppets, and me, for no good reason at all," joked Brown in a statement about the new visuals. "Except that I prefer 'acting' with puppets over people, I suppose."
You can see Brown's puppet-supported acting debut by hitting play below.