Keanu Reeves Explains Why He Loves Alvvays

"I like me a good pop song, and I like me a kind of inventiveness in it"

Photo: Alvvays by Norman Wong (right)

BY Megan LaPierrePublished Mar 28, 2023

Keanu Reeves is always trying to show us up. If he's not simply being incredibly nice and humble or flexing his assassin muscles on the big screen, the actor is seemingly intent on proving himself as a respectable Alvvays connoisseur.

After revealing that he was listening to the band during a Reddit AMA earlier this month, Reeves has now been asked to elaborate on why he enjoys their music.

In a new NME interview with the actor, host Alex Flood did the lord's work: inquired about Reeves's penchant for Canadian indie pop with a shoegaze bent.

"You were chatting about Alvvays?" Flood asked, to which the John Wick star replied, "Yeah," before sheepishly admitting, "I don't have their new record. I bought it digitally but I don't have it on vinyl."

"So it's your favourite album to-be?" the host clarified regarding Blue Rev — Exclaim!'s best album of 2022. Reeves smiled, "Yeah. Can I say that? Because I love that band."

Flood pressed, "What is it about them that you love?"

"I like me a good pop song, and I like me a kind of inventiveness in it," the actor explained. "I think the lead singer [Molly Rankin], she's great, and the textures of it. I mean, I love bass guitar and drums and I like their energy."

What can he say? He saw them from across the bar and liked their vibe.

At the end, Flood personally called on Alvvays to send Reeves their new album — prompting him to once again clarify that he has it digitally, but he has to get it on LP. He's no fake fan!

Watch the clip below.


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