Kanye West "All Day" (Eprom & Salva remix)

Kanye West 'All Day' (Eprom & Salva remix)
Rap fans are still anxiously awaiting Kanye West's SWISH, but in the meantime, the rapper's single "All Day" has gotten a primal remix courtesy of Eprom and Salva.

"All Day" was already fairly aggressive in its original form, but this reworking ups the rage-factor significantly. The main riff sounds particularly menacing and heavy metal-indebted, and the rapping is entirely removed in favour of pneumatically drilling beats, whirring synth madness and frenzied, fragmented samples.

The song premiered on Apple Music's Beats 1 station, and the official stream posted by Salva contains host Zane Lowe's radio chatter. Hear it below.