Jorja Smith "Blue Lights" (video)

Jorja Smith 'Blue Lights' (video)
Just over a month away from delivering her debut album Lost & Found, Jorja Smith has released a video for single "Blue Lights."

The black and white clip, shot by Olivia Rose, features an all-male cast from Smith's hometown of Walsall, England.

In a statement on the visuals, Smith said, "I wanted to capture men/boys of Walsall and Birmingham from all different walks of life doing everyday activities to show that the stereotypes we are bombarded with are misleading and, ultimately, harmful. I chose Walsall as the setting for the video as that is where I am from and where I drew my inspiration from when writing the song."

Rose added: "What's really beautiful is that a lot of the cast and places are authentically related back to Jorja — her dad, the boys who inspired the song, the park where she hung out as a teenager, the owner of the restaurant where she had her first gig."

Smith's debut LP Lost & Found is set to arrive June 8 via the Orchard. Watch the video for "Blue Lights" below.