Jill Barber Reflects on Marriage and Motherhood on 'Homemaker' LP

It's a return to her folk roots

BY Alex HudsonPublished Sep 28, 2022

Canadian songwriting lifer Jill Barber has announced her latest album. Homemaker is out February 10, 2023, via Outside Music.

As the title suggests, the album is a reflection on marriage, motherhood and self-identity. It reportedly represents a return to Barber's stripped-down folk roots after digging more into pop, jazz, soul and vintage chansons on recent albums. It was produced by Barber herself along with Erik Nielsen.

Barber has shared a video for the rustic, pedal steel-laden ballad "Instant Cash for Gold." It was self-directed and shot on an iPhone, and features scenes from a barn and a vintage store.

'"Instant Cash for Gold' is a reflection on the chasm that exists between the personal value that music holds for people, relative to its commercial value," Barber said in a statement. "Sadly, the persistent undervaluing of music forces so many of us musicians to trade it all in — often in a defeated way, much like those willing to trade in their most valued possession out of pure desperation to have cash in hand."

Exclaim! has spoken with Barber about the commerce of music before, in our look at Spotify's "donate" button.

See the video below, and the tracklist for "Homemaker" below that.


1. Instant Cash for Gold

2. Beautiful Life

3. Homemaker

4. Joint Account

5. Woman of My Own Dreams

6. Hell No
7. My Mother's Hand

8. Big Eyes
9. Helium

10. Still in Love

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