Geddy Lee Reveals Rush's Hotel Aliases, Including McLovin

Alex Lifeson would go as Mike Oxonfire — go on, say that out loud

BY Alex HudsonPublished Mar 8, 2024

Like many celebrities, the members of Rush would use fake names when checking into hotels on the road. Now that the band are retired and no longer touring, bassist Geddy Lee has revealed the aliases the band used to use at hotels — including a tribute to the 2007 comedy Superbad.

In My Effin' Life, the memoir Lee released back in the fall, Lee revealed that he often honoured baseball players when checking into hotels. "We'd have a blast thinking up the stupidest cover names, different ones for each tour," he wrote. "I first paid homage to my hero baseball players: Hank Greenberg, then Moe Berg (both Jewish, you might have noticed)."

Funnily enough, he learned that BC-born Montreal Expos star Larry Walker used "Geddy Lee" as his own alias at hotels.

Lee eventually stopped using baseball names and took inspiration from Superbad. "Sometime later, after laughing my head off watching Superbad, I became Mr. McLovin, which embarrassed [Lee's wife] Nancy to no end whenever she joined me on the road and had to announce herself as my wife to the front desk."

Lee added that guitarist Alex Lifeson also used many fake (and often phallic) pseudonyms: Harry Bagg, Dr. Karl Zbourg, Mike Oxonfire, Colonel Dick Herz, Dick Burns and Richard Burns.

Lee certainly isn't the only person who absolutely loves Superbad: star Michael Cera used to sign autographs "The Guy from Superbad" upon request.

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