Michael Cera Used to Sign Autographs as "The Guy from 'Superbad'"

"I handled it badly," the actor said of his sudden rise to fame

Photo: Eva Rinaldi

BY Alex HudsonPublished Feb 13, 2024

People love Superbad! People love it so much, in fact, that star Michael Cera has signed autographs by simply writing "The Guy from Superbad."

Appearing on David Cross's podcast Senses Working Overtime, Cera told his former Arrested Development costar about the time in his life when he was frequently recognized for his role in the 2007 teen comedy.

"Some guy came up to me [as] I was sitting in the lobby," Cera recalled of his time in Shreveport, LA, where 2013's Year One was filmed. "It was two guys. They were like, 'Hey, can I get an autograph?' So I signed the first one with my name."

Things got a little weird once he signed the second autograph. He continued, "And the [second] guy was like, 'You're the guy from Superbad, right?' And I was like, 'Yeah.' And he was like, 'Can you give me an autograph?' And I wrote, 'The Guy from Superbad.' And then they left, and then the first guy came [back] and was like, 'Can you write "The Guy from Superbad"?'"

Cera recounted another story, also in Shreveport, where he called out a waiter who approached his table to ask about Superbad despite not having seen the movie. "I think I was really having a lot of weird moments with handling that level of interaction with people," he acknowledged.

"I handled it badly," Cera said of his rise to fame, saying that he felt like he was "on fire" when people would approach him in public: "I was just so anxious."

Hear the episode of Senses Working Overtime with David Cross below. The discussion of the incidents in Shreveport begins around the 48-minute mark.

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