Drake and Morgan Wallen Hit Out at Female Manipulators in "You Broke My Heart" Video

They're kind of glad she's gone, actually

BY Megan LaPierrePublished Dec 20, 2023

Let's face it, the most relatable Drake has been all year was when he was excited about the Toronto Blue Jays possibly signing a modern-day Babe Ruth — but then, of course, the Drake curse struck again. It's almost admirable how he seems to be simply embracing his accursedness by inviting Morgan Wallen to appear in his new music video.

"You Broke My Heart" is the latest track from For All the Dogs to be given the video treatment, following "Polar Opposites" less than a month ago. The running theme continues to be the rapper delivering stuff absolutely nobody asked for, which is why the Theo Skudra-directed clip opens with Drake and Wallen sitting across from each other at dinner, tipsily commiserating about a breakup.

When he isn't miming binoculars, Wallen playfully admits that he didn't like this ex anyway and didn't think she was the girl for Drake, which is all Drizzy needs to hear before he's ready to return to the streets and "see what else is out there." The acting here is quite bafflingly bad, even though it seems like a natural conversation they would have if they were actually friends!

And with that, they drive off in a car — which is then blown up by a couple of baddies in puffer jackets, who willingly bear the cross of having to lip-sync the rest of the song in Drake's absence. The implication seems to be that they're getting their revenge on him (the country singer is probably just collateral), dancing victoriously around the body of the burning vehicle.

Did we learn or gain anything from this? Does Wallen think he has successfully proven that he hangs out with Black people? Maybe this is part of his diversity, equity and inclusion training or something.

Watch "You Broke My Heart" below.


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