Drake Is Excited About Ohtani Possibly Signing with the Toronto Blue Jays

Drake curse?

Photo: The Come Up Show

BY Alex HudsonPublished Dec 9, 2023

Drake is Toronto's most famous sports fan, and even though he usually reserves his attention for the Raptors, he's now joining in on the frenzy surrounding the possibility that the Blue Jays might sign superstar Shohei Ohtani.

On Friday evening (December 8), amidst rumours that the baseball superstar was signing with the Toronto Blue Jays, Drake posted an Instagram story showing him wearing Ohtani's jersey from the 2023 MLB All-Star Game.

Some background for those who aren't up to speed: Ohtani is one of the best baseball players in the Majors, as he's unique for being both a great hitter and a great pitcher. (Lots of players are good at one or the other; basically no one is good at both.) He has spent his entire MLB career so far with the Los Angeles Angels, but his contract has now expired, making him a free agent.

Ohtani seems to have narrowed down his choice of a new team down to two: the Los Angeles Dodgers or the Toronto Blue Jays. On Friday (December 8), unfounded rumours spread that Ohtani had travelled to Toronto, but it's since been revealed that he's still home in California and is apparently undecided.

Perhaps Drake's endorsement will be the thing that pushes Ohtani over the edge and makes him sign with Toronto. After all, where else will he find a rapper to rhyme "Ohtani" with "Champagne Papi"?

Then again, maybe Ohtani will just become another victim of the "Drake curse."

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