Death Grips Cut Set Short After Crowd Throws Phones, Glowsticks

The group left the stage mid-performance in Fayetteville, AR, after the audience began pelting them with projectiles

Photo: Montecruz Foto

BY Megan LaPierrePublished Oct 16, 2023

For a brief moment there, it seemed like we were maybe done with the rampant reporting of people not knowing how to act at concerts. But of course people are still throwing shit at performers (even if they're Morgan Wallen).

Death Grips, who have finally ended their four-year hiatus with a North American tour, are the latest victims of getting pelted by projectiles by their own fans. The hip-hop trio cut their set short at JJ's Live in Fayetteville, AR, on Friday (October 13) after the crowd began throwing phones, glowsticks and the like at them mid-performance.

Reddit user u/eldritchdisciple shared what they witnessed at the show, explaining that someone threw a phone at MC Ride, prompting the frontperson to drop the mic and exit the stage. He returned and was hit in the chest with a glowstick. After leaving and returning again, and being hit with yet another glowstick, Ride and the rest of the trio left the stage.
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Apparently, this is not the first unruly audience behaviour — which we can no longer call strange since the Bebe Rexha incident (and all that has ensued since) — that Death Grips have experienced on their return to the road. As Complex reports, someone peed in the pit at their Philly show, and there's a less-gross propeller-hats-and-lollipops dress-code meme going around.

I can't believe this bears repeating, but performers are people! Getting hit with stuff hurts! Phones are expensive!

Watch a bit of fan footage of the band getting fed up with the barrage of projectiles in Fayetteville below.

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