David Vertesi "I Hear You Calling" (Gob cover) (video)

David Vertesi 'I Hear You Calling' (Gob cover) (video)
Who knew that Gob's "I Hear You Calling" would work so well as a ballad? This revelation came thanks to Vancouver's David Vertesi, who recently covered the song in radically overhauled form, and now he has given it a video.

This rendition comes from the covers album Cover to Cover: 30 Years at Nettwerk, which came out last month. The newly unveiled video captures the nocturnal melancholy of Vertesi's version, as we see the songwriter — who also plays bass in Hey Ocean! — at a crowded, shadowy party filled with booze and balloons. Everyone seems to be having a good time, but the dim lighting and slow-motion visuals give the whole thing a sense of drunken detachment. We even see one partier blowing chunks. Gross!

Watch it below.