Dave Grohl Voted in an El Mocambo Shirt

The Foo Fighter repped the Toronto venue at the voting booth
Dave Grohl Voted in an El Mocambo Shirt
While we're all pretty exhausted from waiting around for the days-long American election "night" to end, the calamity south of the border has at least led to some pretty entertaining shenanigans up north in Canada. The latest in a string of "I Voted" posts has been of particular interest to Toronto residents, who recognized some local iconography mashed up into one of Dave Grohl's recent political tweets.

The Foo Fighters frontman shared his own voting sticker pic on election night — stuck firmly onto a merch shirt repping none other than Toronto's legendary, recently reanimated music venue, El Mocambo. Maybe we Torontonians should focus on the probability that Grohl's vote didn't aid in re-electing ye olde fashy pumpkin, but it's a way better distraction to hone in on the city's minor role in helping it (maybe) not happen. You can't vote shirtless, right?

The shirt certainly helps to add validity to the rumours about the band's possible appearance at the venue during 2020's CMW that had been circulating this year. Obviously, that never happened because of the coronavirus pandemic, but this also isn't the first time Grohl has worn an ElMo shirt on camera. Maybe the band will hit up the venue sometime? Or maybe Grohl is just a big fan of its recent major reno.

Either way, we likely won't know for certain if the Foo Fighters will play in Toronto for some time. Maybe, if all goes well south of the border after all the votes are counted, they'll be able to visit sooner rather than later.

As previously reported, Foo Fighters are playing Saturday Night Live this weekend and seem to be teasing a new album.