Daniel Romano's Outfit Release New Album, Announce Another

'Fully Plugged In' is out now and studio effort 'Cobra Poems' is due later this year

BY Brock Thiessen and Matt BobkinPublished Jun 18, 2021

At this point, you shouldn't call any Daniel Romano album drop a "surprise release," since they pretty much all come with little to no warning. This means they'd only really be a surprise if we actually got a heads-up. So, no matter how you cut it, Daniel Romano's Outfit have given us a surprise: they've dropped a new live album, and announced a studio album coming later this year.

First up, we have live album Fully Plugged In, out today, which was recorded in Atlanta at the band's final pre-lockdown show during March 2020. In addition to Romano behind the mic, the album also features Outfit singer Julianna Riolino, who takes the lead on a few numbers. This includes the fiery opener "Rhythmic Blood" and the sad-sack country tune "The One That Got Away (Came Back Today)."

Right now, you can stream Fully Plugged In below.

Up next from the Outfit will then be Cobra Poems, which will arrive on September 10. The album was recorded in the band's new Camera Varda studio in December 2020 (the studio is also the namesake of the album's final track). Though the band have yet to share any material from the release, it's likely to line up with one of the "Five Faces of Daniel Romano" — from the band's old-school outfits on the cover, our bet is either "Rockin' Romano" or "Daniel in the Sky with Diamonds."

These two releases will bring Romano's 2021 output up to five albums, following solo LP Kissing the Foe and two records via ambient project varianza — time will tell if he'll surpass his remarkably prolific 2020, when he released 10 albums and a variety of other projects.

Both new albums are coming out via You've Changed — listen to Fully Plugged In below. Purchase Fully Plugged In here and pre-order Cobra Poems here.

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