The Cash Brothers Raceway

Onstage, the together-at-last siblings of Peter (Skydiggers) and Andrew Cash are visibly having the time of their lives, so more power to them. It’s sad, then, that their new co-written material is, more often than not, some of the blandest dreck that either worthy songwriter has ever produced, sounding like the Skydiggers on a bad, monotonous day. Amidst the lack of variety found on Raceway, some gems do stand out, such as “Nebraska” — about an intense listening experience with the Springsteen album that manages to evoke the work in question — and “What Do You Think It’s Doing To Me Too,” where the brothers’ harmonies sound downright spooky on this dead-slow number. It would be easy to assail this album’s sound as predictable, but considering their collective pasts we had reason to predict a better batch of songs than this. (Independent)