The Cash Brothers How Was Tomorrow?

A while ago, I gave a lukewarm review to the Cash Brothers' last offering, Phonebooth Tornado, mostly because it was obviously a leftovers record after their stellar debut, Raceway. Also because I already knew they were focusing on this album, their introduction to America and Europe. It's not surprising, then, to see that How Was Tomorrow? is basically Raceway Redux. However, hearing these songs in any context remains a thoroughly uplifting experience and the handful of new additions only makes it better. Of course, if you never heard Raceway, none of that matters. What you'll hear is the graceful simplicity Peter Cash brought to the Skydiggers, combined with Andrew Cash's poignant observations, set against a classic CanRock backdrop. Somehow the chemistry wasn't there on Phonebooth Tornado, but thankfully they included that album's best song, "Birds Fly," as a bonus track on this collection as well. Of the new songs, "Night Shift Guru" is one of Andrew's trademark tributes to working class heroes, "I Am Waiting" is one of Peter's typically understated love songs, which are both plaintive and sinister all at once, and "Dream Awake" seems the perfect end result when their styles are combined. It's hard to imagine the rest of the world not being captivated by How Was Tomorrow? And few in Canada deserve that kind of success more. (Four Chord)