Buck 65 Is "Emptying the Vaults," Teases New Album

"I am not back. Not playing shows. Not returning to social media. Not doing interviews or having photos taken. Not answering emails ... Bike was stolen. Need a new one"

BY Calum SlingerlandPublished Apr 11, 2022

In 2020, Buck 65 popped up on a new album with Controller 7, a welcome surprise given his relative elusiveness since sharing 2014 albums Neverlove and Laundromat Boogie. Now, it seems more music from the Canadian rap vet born Rich Terfry isn't far away.

Today on Twitter, Terfry shared a link to his Bandcamp profile, where the aforementioned Tommy and Richie present "Billy" is found alongside singles "The New Sammy Sosa" and "Custom Auto." The latter track is credited to Double Nice, the duo of himself and Vancouver's Birdapres.

In the bio of the Bandcamp profile, Terfry shared the following update: "I am not back. Not playing shows. Not returning to social media. Not doing interviews or having photos taken. Not answering emails. Emptying the vaults. New album finished and coming soon. Bike was stolen. Need a new one."

The credits of "Custom Auto" also reveal that Terfry and Birdapres have an "album in the can and coming soon" as Double Nice. You can hear both tracks in the players below.

Following the release of Neverlove and Laundromat Boogie, Buck 65 shared a fourth instalment of his Dirtbike mix series. He is also the host of weekday CBC Music radio program Drive.

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