Buck 65 Has Detailed a 'Super Dope' New Album

Let the five-track '14 KT Gold' EP tide you over until its May arrival

BY Calum SlingerlandPublished Apr 11, 2023

Even with all the vault-emptying going on over at his Bandcamp page, Buck 65 has shared some can't-miss new material, too, and he's now announced another new full-length album due to arrive next month.

Via his Vertices newsletter, the MC and producer born Rich Terfry revealed that a new release titled Super Dope will arrive May 5, with physical editions seeing release via Handsmade.

The 15-track Super Dope follows last year's King of Drums, and as the artist writes in his newsletter, one of his original goals for the LP was to have it run shorter than its predecessor. 

However, you know what they say about the best-laid schemes. "When I first assembled all the material I recorded, I was surprised to find [Super Dope] was LONGER than King of Drums. So I was faced with very difficult decisions over what to cut," Terfry writes. "I ended up cutting about twenty minutes of material. I believe that having done so, Super Dope is well-balanced and is the lean cut of beef I originally envisioned."

About half of that cut material has found its way into the world as five-track EP 14 KT Gold, which you can hear in the player below. Terfry notes that he's "saving the rest for a project I will turn to later in the year."

"It's hard to explain but I don't think 14 KT Gold and Super Dope sound much like each other. It's two very different vibes," he continues. "For example, nothing on Super Dope sounds as scary as 'Five Seconds Before the Explosion.' And there's nothing as moody or melancholy as 'The Missing 10%.'" 

Find the complete Super Dope tracklist below.

Super Dope:

1. Turf Rider
2. Mono No Aware
3. Challenge to the Underground
4. Super Dope
5. Evil God
6. Endless Counter-Attack
7. Train Music
8. Breach the Wall of Smoke
9. Overthrow the Surface
11. Passport to Infinity
12. The Forbidden Words
13. Shoot the Invader
14. A Gift from the Sky
15. The Monster Anarchy Zone

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