Backxwash Gets clipping., Black Dresses, Sad13 for Upcoming Album

'I Lie Here Buried with My Rings and My Dresses' is due in May

Photo: Chachi Revah (@mechant_vaporwave)

BY Matt BobkinPublished Feb 24, 2021

Backxwash's Polaris Music Prize-winning sophomore album, God Has Nothing to Do with This Leave Him Out of It, celebrates its first anniversary on May 28, and the rapper will be commemorating the occasion by releasing a new album. I Lie Here Buried with My Rings and My Dresses is set for release on May 28, and Backxwash has just shared the album's tracklist.

As Backxwash's profile has grown monumentally in recent months, it's no surprise that I Lie Here Buried features some big-name guests. The album is set to include production by Nowhere2Run (a.k.a. Code Orange members Eric "Shade" Balderose and Jami Morgan) and clipping., as well as appearances by Sad13 (a.k.a. Sadie Dupuis of Speedy Ortiz), composer Lauren Bousfield and veteran Backxwash collaborators Ada Rook and Devi McCallion (a.k.a. both halves of Black Dresses).

On the new album's sound, Backxwash tweeted, "This album is less metal and more industrial so very excited for y'all to listen." Fans of Backxwash's potent metal influence have no reason to be disappointed, though — the album will purportedly kick off with "black metal screeches" courtesy of Rook, similar to those she employed on Black Dresses' recent album, Forever in Your Heart.

In a press conference last fall, delivered immediately after her Polaris win, Backxwash described the new album as "a horror anthology. Each track is going to depict different characters, inspired by real characters in my life. I'm producing it all. It's going to be gothic, there's going to be tribal chants in there as well. There's going to be a few rock samples."

She also mentioned that she was considering spending some of the $50,000 prize money to clear a sample of from avant-garde artist Diamanda Galás' 1982 album, The Litanies of Satan. It is yet to be seen if any of that will appear on I Lie Here Buried when it is released in May, though song titles such as "Evil Deeds," "Nine Hells" and "Burn to Ashes" are certainly horrific.

Backxwash is set to appear on Cadence Weapon's forthcoming album, Parallel World, and she contributed to Glass Beach's new remix album, alchemist rats beg bashful (remixes). She also released the STIGMATA EP last summer.

Check out Backxwash's recent tweets below, followed by I Lie Here Buried's full tracklist.

I Lie Here Buried with My Rings and My Dresses:

1. I Lie Here Buried with My Rings and My Dresses (ft. Ada Rook)
2. Evil Deeds
3. Triple Sixex in Lusaka (ft. Devi McCallion)
4. Nine Hells (prod. Nowhere2Run)
5. Blood in the Water (prod. clipping.)
6. Wail of the Banshee
7. In Thy Holy Name (ft. Lauren Bousfield)
8. Burn to Ashes
9. Purpose of Pain (Interlude)
10. Songs of Sinners (ft. Sad13)

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