Here's the storyboard for The Raspberry Reich: cock, cock, cock, fucking, revolutionary propaganda, fucking, fucking, plot, revolutionary propaganda, masturbating, cock, cock, plot, propaganda! Screaming! Woo! Funny and vulgar, The Raspberry Reich treats sex as an act of revolution, innocence as a fetish, boys as pawns and Germany as a constant sexually-charged political tableau. "The revolution is my boyfriend!," shouts Gudrun (the ringleader of a hapless band of sexually curious pseudo-revolutionary terrorists) while being fucked, of course. LaBruce plays nothing with a light hand here: from the bright pink flashings of dynamic rally cries (in a "Barbara Krueger meets crazy person on street corner"-style) to the relentless fucking to the hilarity of an ice cream cone spilled by a boy on a skateboard. One of the film's few lasting charms is its inventiveness. LaBruce makes unusually impressive use of Digital Video here, which is good, because spending lots of real money on this "should have been 45-minute" museum piece would have been a shame. The acting is terrible, the sex is generally creepy and too many lines (despite their intentionally extreme ridiculousness) fall like lead. That said, "Fuck me for the revolution!" is as an inspiring a cry as many of us have heard in our lifetimes. (Jürgen Brüning Filmproduktion)