​Mas Ysa Gets Lena Dunham for 'Untitled' Short Film

BY Sarah MurphyPublished Sep 8, 2017

Montreal-born musician Thomas Arsenault released his latest offering as Mas Ysa today (September 8) with Untitled EP, and the five-song record has arrived with a companion film.
The EP itself follows 2015's Seraph and was written primarily in Pueblo, Uruguay, while Arsenault recovered from a head injury sustained in a car accident. Some of the tracks were recorded with Patrick Higgins in Hudson, NY, while the rest of the album was finished in New York with Damian Taylor, Michael Beharie and Greg Fox.

The accompanying visuals were directed by Dan Shapiro and shot on 16 mm film. The 15-minute film features a series of actors, including Girls creator and star Lena Dunham.

Explaining the project, Arsenault said, "This EP is a section of time, viewed from a few ragged perspectives."
Get a glimpse at each of those perspectives by watching the visual accompaniment to Untitled EP below.

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