​B.A. Johnston's 'Ham Jam' Web Series to Debut This Month

BY Sarah MurphyPublished Apr 9, 2019

B.A. Johnston is taking viewers from around the world on an in-depth tour of his beloved hometown Hamilton in the new web series Ham Jam — and it hits the internet later this month. The six-episode series premieres on April 18 on YouTube.
Across the six episodes, which range from nine to 13 minutes in length, Johnston will introduce outsiders to some of Hamilton's finest offerings, including subs, arcades and waterfalls, complete with his own "half-remembered anecdotes and obscure urban legends."
Rest assured, this series is hardly a marketing campaign to draw more people to the Hammer — rather, it's B.A.'s way of showing off exactly why the town will never be a shining beacon of class or coolness.
"I wanted to tell different stories about the city than the narrative you
get now," he said in a statement. "I feel the way Hamilton is viewed and how it is being marketed has changed. I just wanted to show stuff that goes against the 'Hamilton is the new Brooklyn' developer ideology. It's the Hamilton that Toronto doesn't want to buy."
Watch a teaser for Ham Jam below. The series is a collaboration between Douglas Nayler Jr. and Chelsea McMullan.
Johnston's latest album, The Skid Is Hot Tonight, is out now.

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