Arnold Schwarzenegger Says His Rivalry with Sylvester Stallone "Got Out of Control"

"We were movie rivals, but we took the competitiveness to the extreme"

Photo: Gage Skidmore

BY Nika Petrosian Published Oct 27, 2023

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone's rivalry may have been terminated years ago, but it seems Schwarzenegger still feels regret for how rocky things got between them.

In the latest episode of The Graham Norton Show, Schwarzenegger shared that he and Stallone would often go as far as attacking each other in the press during the height of their action movie blockbuster reign.

"We were movie rivals, but we took the competitiveness to the extreme — we each had to have the best body, we had to kill more people in our films, we had to have the biggest guns. It got out of control, and we tried to derail each other," Schwarzenegger shared.

The Stallone–Schwarzenegger feud came to an end in the late 1990s, after the two began travelling together to promote Planet Hollywood, and, later, began collaborating on projects like The Expendables.

"He is a great human being, and we are now inseparable," said Schwarzenegger.

The latest episode of The Graham Norton Show airs tonight, and reportedly, the former governor of California also delves into hot topics like running for president in 2024, his self-help book, his bodybuilding journey and more.

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