Arnold Schwarzenegger Spends Every Morning Feeding Oatmeal Cookies to His Pig, Donkey and Miniature Pony

"Now there's like, all of them, sitting there and I'm just, you know, for ten minutes handing out cookies"

Photo: Gage Skidmore

BY Megan LaPierrePublished Oct 9, 2023

What's your morning routine like? Don't answer that — you can quit while you're ahead because it probably isn't as ideal as how Arnold Schwarzenegger starts his day.

The Terminator star is the latest guest on Conan O'Brien's Conan O'Brien Needs a Friend podcast, where O'Brien asked the former bodybuilder about his current morning workout regimen and fitness goals.

"Before I watch Conan and before I listen to you," Schwarzenegger — obviously a huge O'Brien buff — began, "I go and feed Lulu and Whiskey. And then I feed, of course, Schnelly, which is my pig. And then I have three dogs."

The actor explained that Whiskey is his daughter's "somewhat abandoned" miniature pony, who he stopped boarding at a stable and brought up to live in his unsurprisingly-sizeable yard. When his girlfriend thought Whiskey needed company, she gifted him Lulu, a miniature donkey. They're besties now, and they apparently both hang out in the kitchen and eat Schwarzenegger's special noncommercial, honey-sweetened oatmeal cookies.

"I was eating the cookie, and the horse was pushing me. So I said, 'Let me try it,'" he recalled, and Whiskey apparently ate it immediately and then started pushing him again.

Schwarzenegger continued, "Then I gave Lulu the cookie, and all of a sudden, it became a schtick. Now we make extra cookies for the horses, but then the dogs sit down next to me while the horses are eating the cookies, so now they're begging, and they're reaching up with their paw. So now I'm giving cookies to the dogs, then the pig comes around, and now there's like, all of them, sitting there and I'm just, you know, for ten minutes handing out cookies."

If this is one of those "more money, more problems" scenarios, it effectively debunks that myth. As soon as I start an animal sanctuary/bakery in my kitchen, it's over for y'all.

Listen to Arnold "Dr. Doolittle" Schwarzenegger talk about his furry (and oink-y) friends on the podcast below at around the 55-minute mark.


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