Arnold Schwarzenegger Spotted Shooting Netflix's 'FUBAR' in Elora, ON

Photos: Gage Skidmore (Schwarzenegger), Bill Badzo (Elora, ON)

BY Calum SlingerlandPublished Apr 30, 2024

Though we're still of the opinion that there can be only one FUBAR, Arnold Schwarzenegger did so well leading the Netflix show that it was renewed for a second season — leading its star to Elora, ON.

Schwarzenegger was spotted in downtown Elora this week filming scenes for a production identified by on-set signs in the street as "Oink," though an area business owner confirmed to The Wellington Advertiser that it was, in fact, FUBAR's second season being shot.

As the series — which stars Ahhnold as a CIA operative called back into action on the verge of retirement — takes place in the US, the locale has been suitably Americanized. 

The Advertiser reports that the Centre Wellington Township office has been transformed into a "Heritage Museum and Cultural Center" for the shoot, while American flags and New York license plates adorn it.

Here's hoping Arnold found someone suitable to feed his pig, donkey and miniature pony during his shooting commitments. If he's in need of a bite himself while in the area, we'd recommend giving Adam Sandler a call.

Find photos from Schwarzenegger's shoot in Elora below.

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