Yukon Blonde "Saturday Night" (video)

Yukon Blonde 'Saturday Night' (video)
Try this brainbuster on for size: When is a photo shoot not a photo shoot? When it's the plot device for the new music video for Yukon Blonde's recent "Saturday Night" single, of course! The heart-pumping new wave number has been given a visual treatment taking a look at the fantastic world of modelling.

Directed by Mac Boucher & Gaya Abdalian, the video finds drag queen Sapphire Titha Reign gracing an eccentric photographer's warehouse lair for a few snaps, with the shots become more and more elaborate as they wander through the halls.

Scored by the keyboard-heavy Yukon Blonde track, the scenes involve a lot of lights, a few corset-cinching costumes, an onslaught of sad clowns, and the post-crash carnage of a staged car incident. Don't worry, there's no blood. But if you're prone to crying at the sight of a smashed snack cake, you're going to want to turn a blind eye to this one.

You'll find the sassy shoot down below. As previously reported, Yukon Blonde's upcoming On Blonde LP arrives June 16 via Dine Alone Records.