Winnipeg's Anthony OKS and Begonia Join Forces in "Fortified Bond" Video

The track comes off OKS's recent EP 'In the Garden'

BY Haley BenthamPublished Nov 25, 2021

Manitoba MC Anthony OKS's EP In the Garden is one of October's Essential New Releases — with good reason — and he builds on its majesty with a new video for "Fortified Bond," released today. The track features fellow Winnipeg-based artist Begonia, and both artists bring chemistry and joyous energy to its visual accompaniment.

A lush beat backs Begonia's ethereal vocals and OKS's old-school raps as they enjoy an unforgettable day in Winnipeg. The sun-drenched, blissful scenes compliment "Fortified Bond," as the rapper told Complex that its lyrics explore "those special moments that you share with someone close to you. We wanted to capture that, the idea of two people that genuinely enjoy each other's company and vibe."

"Our city is usually thought of as a colder, darker place for our intense — but beautiful — winter season," OKS explained of Manitoba's capital. Yet, despite its frigid reputation, the "Fortified Bond" video depicts Winnipeg's flipside, replete with sunshine-dappled leaves and light layers.

OKS elaborated on the Jadyn Klassen and Jesse de Rocquigny-directed video, explaining it was no mistake that the video reveals this seldom-seen piece of the city: "The essence of the richness and warmth our city exudes — a side of Winnipeg that usually isn't promoted or thought of much. Winnipeggers experience that same rich warmth at our many local shows, or the many releases from our artists."

Standout clips include OKS as he coasts, with shades on, in a retro muscle car during golden hour.

"That was actually my first time driving a classic car," he admitted. "I used to collect Hot Wheels as a kid, and actually still have those toy cars in their original packaging, so it was a bit of a childhood dream for me."

These effortlessly cool shots were inspired by fellow rappers — and car buffs — Big K.R.I.T. and Curren$y. While OKS was "really enjoying" himself while filming these scenes, he was also "trying to be as careful as possible while taking turns in this rental!"

Check out the "Fortified Bond" video below.

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