Wilco "Cut Your Hair" (Pavement cover) (live video)

Wilco 'Cut Your Hair' (Pavement cover) (live video)
Back in 2013, Wilco covered Pavement's indie rock classic "Cut Your Hair" at their Solid Sound Festival. Fan-captured footage of the performance previously made its way onto the internet, and now professionally-filmed footage has emerged thanks to the documentary Every Other Year.

This rendition is faithful to the crunchy slacker-rock vibe of Pavement's original version from 1994's Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain. The results recall some of Wilco's own original material — "Heavy Metal Drummer," for example — with a little more distorted grit.

Check out the cover below. The clip begins with a minute of behind-the-scenes footage.

Every Other Year is available now through dBpm Records.