The Wet Secrets

Freemasons' Hall, Edmonton AB, October 10

Photo: Chris Gee

BY Jibril YassinPublished Oct 11, 2015

A later start time meant that there was a large and friendly turnout for the Wet Secrets just before one a.m., but it dwindled by set's end. It was a shame because this was a show the band had for the taking. Dressed in new, all-white marching uniforms with a massive W hanging in the background of the stage, the six-piece band debuted new songs from their upcoming album while projections and short, whimsical GIFs played over them. It was a slick presentation and most importantly, the entire proceedings lent the gig a gravitas the band did their best to uphold and for the most part, succeeded at doing so.
The new material the band previewed came off sounding great — in no way have the Wet Secrets lost their taste for bombastic glee or their ability to write fascinating pop songs.
But time was their biggest enemy. At an hour, the set felt far too long and while ending things with beloved cut "Grow Your Own Fucking Moustache, Asshole" ended things on the right note, it led you wondering how it would have went down for the nearly packed crowd that had been there at the start.

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