​The Wet Secrets Trip Out in Retro "Give It to Me Straight" Video

BY Sarah MurphyPublished Sep 14, 2018

Edmonton dance-rock unit the Wet Secrets released The Tyranny of Objects last year, and now "Give It to Me Straight" from the album has been given the video treatment.
The DIY clip channels '70s psychedelia, all helmed by director Jay Lawrance of Two Words Productions.
The side-scrolling shots were filmed over two days in Edmonton, using a spinning stage that frontman Lyle Bell built himself.
"When Lyle approached me to do a possible music video for the Wet Secrets I instantly knew I wanted to do something a bit different and out of the ordinary. Something that was a visual representation of the band," Lawrance tells Exclaim! "Having seen them live many times, getting to know them personally and being inspired by Lyle's photography, I wanted to showcase that in an abstract manner. Listening to 'Give It To Me Straight' I kept going back to a 1970's psych vibe and wanted to do something that would allow the viewer to pause the video and see something visually unique, stunning and different each time."
Most of those impressive shots were manipulated together during the extensive editing process.
Check out the retro-looking final results below.

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