Watch Coldplay Perform "Clocks" for the 20th Anniversary of 'Kimmel'

They were the show's first musical guests back in 2003

Photo: James Marcus Haney

BY Sydney BrasilPublished Jan 27, 2023

Jimmy Kimmel gave us all déjà vu for Jimmy Kimmel Live!'s 20th anniversary, bringing back all of his first show's original guests for the occasion. While George Clooney and Snoop Dogg returned for new interviews, Coldplay took a grandiose approach in reprising the show's first-ever live performance. 

Before busting out "Clocks" — despite drummer Will Champion not considering it a song — Chris Martin had a short chat with Kimmel, joking that the band hadn't prepared anything for the show before handing him a music box. The box then played "Clocks," of course, which turned into Martin singing to the crowd, and then in the crowd, before joining his bandmates on stage. 

The performance also dipped into footage from the original performance in 2003 before showing present-day Coldplay playing the same track — Oldplay, if you will. This was similar to Clooney and Snoop's appearances, as they joined the versions of themselves from 20 years ago in split-screen. 

After a clarinet solo with the band, Kimmel announced that they ran out of time for Matt Damon, not like Coldplay aren't getting enough late-night airtime these days anyway.

 Watch some footage from Kimmel's 20th anniversary episode below. 

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