The Mirror Explodes

BY Rob NayPublished May 14, 2009

Closing in on almost a decade of releasing records, the Warlocks show they still have a smouldering creative spark with their latest effort. On it, the group offer up material that's subtler and more concise than some of their past efforts. The Mirror Explodes lacks the eight-minute-long epics of its 2007 predecessor, Heavy Deavy Skull Lover, and the shorter songs ultimately lead to a steadier and more melodically focused record. Absent are the explosive psych freak-outs of the previous record but in their place are a number of hypnotic, restrained tunes. Album opener "Red Camera" pulsates with stoned, Velvet Underground-like repetition, while "There is a Formula to Your Despair" ebbs and flows with Spacemen 3 sentiments. "The Midnight Sun" rolls with gentle cascades of sound that recall My Bloody Valentine filtered through the Swirlies. The Mirror Explodes' consistency makes for an engaging album from Bobby Hecksher and crew.
(Tee Pee)

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