Vulva Culture

The Republic, St. John's NL, April 22

Photo: Noah Bender

BY Stephen CarlickPublished Apr 23, 2015

There's something methodical, precise about Vulva Culture. While some of the young, boisterous crowd that had congregated for Jonny and the Cowabungas had left the Republic, they mesmerized a devoted fan base at the front of the stage with their winding guitar parts and steady rhythm section, opting for something more personal and direct.

"Slow dance with us, you'll feel our pain," implores the band's Bandcamp bio, and they convinced most of the crowd there to do just that. Vulva Culture have a subdued Pixies vibe about them, as if the world has already crumbled; instead of asking "Where is My Mind?," they've decided to revel in the darkness of knowing it's already gone.

No, their set wasn't the most exciting, but there was something hypnotic about the foursome, and singer Amy V sold everything she sung with heart. And really, is there a more crucial element to live music than that?

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