Vulva Culture "Hydromorphone" / "Let's Stay Dead"

Vulva Culture 'Hydromorphone' / 'Let's Stay Dead'
Halifax's Vulva Culture have won us over with their live show on more than one occasion (including a killer performance in our office). As such, we're thrilled to debut two songs from their brand new cassingle on the aptly named Craft Singles imprint.

"Hydromorphone" leads the A-side with a slow-burning jam built on woozy guitars and haunting vocals. On the flip, "Let's Stay Dead" is a rock dirge that keeps the dark vibes flowing.

Listen to both tracks below, and be sure to pick up a copy of CS036 from Craft Singles when its released tomorrow (February 19). It's also worth noting that from now on, Craft Singles will also offer hand-cut lathes of their releases, made to order.