Veryan Weston/John Edwards/Mark Sanders Gateway to Vienna

To say that Veryan Weston is all about subtlety is without a doubt an understatement. He has been well known (and documented) to produce works that have subtlety written all over them — from beginning to end. Gateway to Vienna is not a surprising addition to his extensive catalogue, but this two-CD set outlines two varying dates — one at Gateway studios in London and one in Vienna — that are in many ways quite similar. Bassist John Edwards and percussionist Mark Sanders help to delicately manoeuvre the vessel where Weston sits at the helm. Sanders’ percussive tricks are delicate (a lot of cymbal work) and often times recall Tony Oxley at his peak. Edwards shifts between some stunning arco work and some softer picking. Of course, the star of the proceedings is Veryan Weston himself; he shifts between extremely delicate pokes on the piano to something that sounds like water dripping from the faucet to faster, but not aggressive, maelstroms. The longer collective improvisations are the ones where the trio actually gets to stretch out and ponder their common language. Restraint has never sounded this sweet! (Emanem)