Venomous Concept "The Potters Ground"

Venomous Concept 'The Potters Ground'
After giving us their "Anthem" a while back, grind all-stars Venomous Concept are blasting out another pre-release preview of their forthcoming Kick Me Silly - VC3 LP. You can explore their "The Potters Ground" via an online stream.

With their ranks including the likes of Brutal Truth's Dan Lilker, and Napalm Death's Shane Embury and Danny Herrera, the band are experts and making things fast and terrifying. As such, a hyper blast of hardcore power chords and thrash beats are offered up on the front end of the track. The rhythm gets a bit chewier once vocalist Kevin Sharp starts howling about getting "stuck in the mire."

You can session the speedy single below, while Kick Me Silly - VC3 arrives in full January 8 via Venomous Concept's new label home, Season of Mist.