Unreleased Elliott Smith Songs Confirmed on 'Heaven Adores You' Soundtrack

Unreleased Elliott Smith Songs Confirmed on 'Heaven Adores You' Soundtrack
Earlier this year, the 2014 Elliott Smith documentary Heaven Adores You was treated to a DVD and Blu-ray release. We've since been promised that a soundtrack featuring unreleased Smith music would also come to fruition, and now details of that release have been revealed.

The Heaven Adores You OST features 20 songs, some of which are unfinished demos. Unless, of course, Smith intended for his songs to be called "Untitled Guitar Finger Picking," "Untitled Melancholy Song," "Unknown Song" and "Untitled Soft Song in F."

In a press release, soundtrack producer Kevin Moyer said, "It's a balance between rough and polished works, early and late-career compositions, instrumental and vocals. We were trying to make sure that we showed his evolution as an artist."

"It's an honour to be able to add to Elliott's already amazing legacy of official music releases," he added. "Please know that this soundtrack, much like the film, has been given the heavy thought and respect that it deserves and I have been carefully conferring with those closest to Elliott to build a track list that we think best represents the film and the artist and a friend whom we all miss."

Check out the release's full tracklisting below.

Heaven Adores You OST:

1. Untitled Guitar Finger Picking *
2. Untitled Melancholy Song *
3. Don't Call Me Billy (early version of "Fear City") *
4. Christian Brothers (performed with Heatmiser) *
5. Hamburgers (performed with Neil Gust) *
6. Plainclothes Man (Elliott solo version) *
7. Unknown Song (instrumental) *
8. Say Yes (live at Yo Yo Festival 1997) *
9. Unknown (instrumental) *
10. Coast to Coast (early version) *
11. Waltz #1 (demo)
12. Untitled Soft Song in F *
13. True Love *
14. Miss Misery (live on Late Night With Conan O'Brien) *
15. L.A. 
16. Son of Sam (acoustic) 
17. The Last Hour (early version) *
18. Everything Means Nothing to Me 
19. Happiness 
20. I Love My Room *

* previously unreleased