Twitter Reacts to Barack Obama's Favourite Music of 2022

One of us! One of us!

BY Megan LaPierrePublished Dec 27, 2022

Ever the devotee to keeping the year-end list economy alive, former US president Barack Obama has shared his favourite music of 2022 — and frankly, it includes some real curveballs.

Sure, we probably could have predicted the inclusion of Beyoncé, Steve Lacy, Kendrick Lamar and Rosalía, who was also featured on Obama's summer playlist this year. And yeah, 2022 was big for Bad Bunny, Lizzo and SZA, while Sudan Archives and Plains were something of critical darlings for those on the pulse. But Omar Apollo? Ari Lennox? Ethel Cain?

And nobody was more surprised to see "American Teenager" from Preacher's Daughter on the list than Cain herself. "Did not have a former president including my anti-war, anti-patriotism fake pop song on his year end list on my 2022 bingo," she tweeted.

Ah yes, Maggie Rogers — a true mainstay on Obama's lists. Her lead Surrender single "That's Where I Am" made this year's collection, while standalone track "Love You for a Long Time" was included on the former president's summer playlist in 2020 alongside the likes of Andy Shauf. Safe to say Barry's a true stan.

Many question whether Obama actually makes the lists himself and why we would turn to him to tell us what to listen to in the first place. Some have even started to predict 2023 contenders, as well as what things might look like even further into the dystopian future.

See Obama's year-end list in full below.
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